This course is great fun and will introduce you to the sport of kayaking in a safe way with plenty of time to develop your skills. Day one of your course will be based on a lovely lake in Congleton. On day two you will undertake a river or canal trip in a different location.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who would like a safe and enjoyable introduction to the sport of kayaking. You may have a little experience, or none at all. As with any active sport, a reasonable level of general fitness will enable more rapid and enjoyable progress.
Minimum Age: 13 years old.

Kayak Course 1
Kayak Course 1

What will you cover?

During the beginners kayaking course we cover a range of kayaking skills aimed at getting you moving and keeping you safe. We run two and five day courses and some details are listed below. All of our coaching is tailored to your individual needs but a general outline of your course would be:

2-day Course

  • Equipment, clothing and safety
  • Manual handelling / lifting and moving your kayak
  • Entering and exiting your kayak
  • Basic kayak paddle strokes, moving forwards, backwards, sideways and turning
  • journeying aspects

On the two day course, day one will be spent on the lake where you will practise skills and gain confidence. On day two we will complete a journey at a different location where you can put your skills to use – as well as continue to practise those skills. This will be a whole day paddle.

5-day Course

On this course you will cover everything that is in the two day course above. We will develop good paddling technique and water confidence using lakes and rivers and of course you will get more time to practice those key strokes – like forward paddling! We ill also cover:

  • Capsize, wet exits and rescues
  • Use of high/low brace support strokes
  • Rudders and draws
  • Self Rescue
  • x-rescue
  • We will use a variety of lakes, canals and gentle rivers for a selection of journeys throughout Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales to develop your skills. By the end of our 5 day beginners kayaking course you to be well on your way to being a confident paddler.

    The course will include three full day canal / river trips.
    Minimum Age: 13 years old.

    Course Prices

    2 day course £ 145 pp
    5 day course £ 340 pp

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