Inrad’s core background is in scientific research and development. We are experts in the design of radiation sensors, Monte Carlo simulation for radiation transport, and alternative photographic processes; we have more than 40 year’s experience in radiation transport theory, including code development and applications. Our research effort is headed by Professor Robert Price.

Current projects include:

  • modelling the response of various x-ray films when used in the visible spectrum
  • spectral response of low sensitivity salted collodion based emulsions
  • filtering methods for response optimisation in salted collodion environments
  • modelling the dosimetric profile around a complex labyrinth in a radiotherapy department
  • development of an accurate and cheap optical densitometer
  • laser-based detection of chemical compounds in dilute suspension / solution

Past projects have included:

  • optimisation of a MOSFET for x-ray dosimetry
  • investigation in to the energy dependence of radiochromatic film
  • evaluation of micro-ionisation dosimetry in small irregular x-ray fields
  • energy dependence studies in lithium fluoride and lithium formate dosimeters
  • study of perturbation effects in optical dosimeters
  • the use of low energy x-rays for detection of illicit materials.
  • development of a rectal probe for in vivo dosimetry during XRT
  • advanced simulation of a pulsed neutron system for DDA analysis of reactor waste
  • the inverse problem of determining C/O ratio in spent oil fields using a pulsed neutron probe

Professor Price has been a key contributor to several EU research projects on Radiation modelling using Monte Carlo and finite element methods.

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