Module 3 – Water Rescue Technician (Swift-water Rescue Technician SRT).

(Technical rescues in water).

The (Swift) Water Rescue Technician (SRT) course is a water-based course with a classroom content. You will be expected to train in moving water up to UK class 3, this will include advanced swimming techniques, advanced rescue techniques including self rescue. It is a demanding 4-day course. Assessment is continuous over the four days together with a written paper. You will be expected to perform complex rescues that include the use of ropes, boats and inflatable rescue hoses. Throughout the course you will work as a team.

The SRT course is the gold standard benchmark training course for swiftwater and flood rescue teams. This training course is intended for personnel who may be required to carry out technical rescues using ropes, boats, sleds in a swiftwater and flood environment.

Course length: 4 days
Minimum Age 18 years on first day of course.

Target Audience:
Front-line rescue personnel – Fire and Rescue personnel, MRT teams, SAR teams, HART personnel, center staff operating in waters up to grade 3

Performing technical water rescue operations in a flood or moving water environment up to UK grade 3 where the use of ropes and non-powered inflatable craft may be used.

Course content includes:

  • Hydrology
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment
  • Technical rescue equipment
  • Rescues – reaching, wadding, conditional and unconditional rescues
  • Introduction to rope systems including mechanical advantage systems, high-lines, and tensioned diagonals
  • Advanced swimming in moving water up to UK grade 3
  • Basic boat-handling skills – sled and raft in moving and flat water
  • Inflated hose methods
  • Night and poor visibility techniques
  • Communications
  • Water search methods / operations
  • Scene management
  • Basic incident command
  • Medical considerations

Defra level: 3

Module 3 – Water Rescue Technician (Swift Water Rescue Technician SRT) – Specialist rescue operations

Qualification valid for: 3 years: QCF level 3 course.

DEFRA level: 3

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