This course providers the knowledge and techniques to allow teachers / supervisors to provide bank-based rescue cover for their students or co-workers working next to simple water environments such as small lakes, canals, sheltered harbours, and marinas. The techniques taught will be wholly bank based and do not allow the rescuer to enter the water. The course is based on Shout, Reach, Throw techniques. Equipment will be based on simple throw-lines and other improvised (or carried) reach systems as well as throwing methods.

Note: No water entry is required for this course or these techniques.

Course length: 1/2 day
Minimum Age 16 years on first day of course.

Target Audience:
Teachers and supervisors accompanying children in an environment near simple water systems such as small lakes, canals, sheltered harbours, and marinas.

Rescues based on Shout, Reach, Throw using simple rescue equipment: throw-lines and reach systems (improvised or carried).

Course Content:

  • Rescuer safety
  • Water hazards
  • Introduction to throw-bags and reach poles
  • On-scene safety briefing and site control
  • Bank-based rescue options (eg throw-bags)
  • Medical Issues
  • Drowning

Water Safety Cover for Schools:

WSC1: Water safety. To provide safety cover when taking children near water.

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